Ultraderm system uses low-intensity currents conveyed by electrodes that act directly on the skin creating new intracellular paths which temporarily increase the tissue permeability. The cell double lipid layer is subjected to a temporary rearrangement giving rise to the formation of aqueous channels in the cell membrane generally defined electropores. These channels bring into communication the surface of the skin with the underlying dermis ensuring the passage of active substances, also of high molecular weight, that would otherwise remain retained by the retention mechanisms of the epidermis. As a consequence, the cell membrane results more permeable to a wide variety of hydrophilic molecules as Ultraderm system is effective in decreasing the TEER (Trans Epithelial Electrical Resistance) of the horny layer thus favoring the intracellular uptake of the active substance through the aqueous channels. Unlike competitors’ older devices, such system is able to convey active ingredients without using conductive bases. Device that guarantees firming, toning and moisturizing the skin with rapid absorption and an effect of youth and shine on the skin from the first applications.





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