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dg-8 Platinum

It is a high-power diode laser that with its 8W allows you to perform all dental and aesthetic treatments while maintaining a reserve of power useful for treating specific cases and for a longer time. The intrinsic properties of the light radiation of the diode – the anti-inflammatory and decontaminating action, the biostimulating effect, the analgesic and hemostatic capacity, are expressed in DG-8 in a wide range of pre-set dental programs and dermatological-aesthetic applications, non-invasive, targeted and effective, accompanied by specific operational protocols validated clinically. Equipped with three specific handpieces for surgery, therapy and beauty treatments, DG-8 is characterized as an innovative, reliable and handy tool capable of offering highly performing performances by putting all the clinical advantages of laser therapy at the service of smile care and of the aesthetics of the face.





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Dr. Maurizio Cuomo

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