Photorejuvenation Lamp


The cold light lamp for photobiostimulation allows to perform athermic and nonablative anti-aging treatments of skin rejuvenation through the emission of light radiations of different wavelength, 680 nm in the preparatory phase and 880 nm in the stimulatory phase. By hitting the tissue microvasculature, the light stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin regenerating the tissues damaged by physiological aging, UV rays exposure and lack of collagen as in case of acne scars and stretch marks. At the same time, the cold light plays an inhibitory action on the metalloproteinase enzyme system that induces, after 40 years, the progressive degradation of collagen in the deep dermis causing skin aging. Through a cycle of 6-8 treatments over a period of two months, wrinkles are gradually filled and skin imperfections remodeled thanks to the cell renewal engendered by photodynamic therapy. The absence of side effects and the gentle approach of the treatment make it applicable even to areas unaffected by specific flaws giving greater firmness and elasticity to the tissues. The effects of the treatment can be intensified and maintained by applying specific cosmetic products for home use. The lamp large screen allows to perform the treatment on wider areas, while the defocused handpiece supplied with the equipment can be used locally for applications on smaller areas.






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